Analyzing value co-creation in service systems: contribution from GORE



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dc.description.abstract Service systems are characterized mostly by the co-creation of value in the interactions between service providers and customers. In this paper we examine the possibility to use GORE methodologies and techniques for the analysis of value cocreation in service systems. We regard value co-creation as an abstract, high-end goal of the customer that is accomplished through the integration of service from providers and the complementary application of proprietary resources from the customer and examine the possibility to analyze it with AND/OR goal diagrams. In addition, we examine six GORE methodologies and assess their relevance to the requirements analysis of value co-creation. The results show that GORE can provide a promising methodological foundation for the analysis of value co-creation. In particular, softgoals and “satisficing” objectives are extremely useful in analyzing value co-creation and the representation of services as nodes in AND/OR graphs can elicit both the valuerelated and the activity-related properties of the notion. en
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dc.title Analyzing value co-creation in service systems: contribution from GORE en
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dc.conference.information Taiwan, March 21-24, 2011 el Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC) el
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dc.identifier.doi 10.1145/1982185.1982338
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